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 SOS Village in Jaipur  

SOS village, Jaipur is an abode of affection and care for the unwanted children. SOS children village is a voluntary organisation founded by Dr. Hermann Gmeiner for the homeless children after the Second World War. His visionary approach of giving love and nurture in a family environment to the needed child has proved both practical and widely successful.

SOS villages are opened with a purpose of providing the home for the needy children on the fact that, only the love and care of a mother and a home can help a child grow up as an independent and contributing member to the society

SOS Children's Villages started in Jaipur with a sole aim to provide a permanent home for orphaned and abandoned children regardless of race, nationality and religion and a strong basis for a self reliant and secure life. Children in SOS Villages grow up as children in a normal family. They live with a Mother, brothers and sisters in a family home. Siblings are not separated. An SOS Village is made up of 10 to 20 houses, run by a team of efficient child care workers, who support and help the Mothers in caring for the emotional and educational well being of the children entrusted to their care. Every child in a village has the opportunity to grow into a decent human being making best use of his capabilities.

Every Friday is observed as Shramdan Day at the Children's Village at Jaipur. In the evening children, mothers and co-workers join together in cleaning the surrounding of their homes, lawns and the gardens of the Village. Together they work towards achieving the goals of cleanliness in the Village, involvement of all in community work, promoting a sense of belonging, exposure to a real life situation and an understanding of the dignity of labour.


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