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Understanding Your Teenager

The years between childhood, adolescence and maturity involves rapid change. Growing up is a normal process -

all that makes it difficult is the interaction of the child with those around him or her.

Given below are a few common problems a parent would face. Being aware of the problems and understanding the fact that these behavioural traits are normal in the growing up process, helps parents to deal with them. And, finally remember one thing, that every child and every family is different.

Teenage Behaviour

  • The teenager is self-conscious and obsessed with self.

  • He / She apes friends and their behaviour.

  • Friends are more important than parents.

  • Is intolerant and quarrelsome with siblings.

  • Sees issues from his or her point of view. Makes his / her own decisions and      starts to think independently.

  • Experiments with different clothes, tests boundaries and takes risks.

  • Questions parental attitude.

  • Debates every issue.

  • Extremely argumentative at times. Neglects school work.

    Adolescent Development

  • Adolescence is often accompanied by an increase in autonomy and emotional      distance from the parents.

  • During adolescence, peer friendships mean more than the parents.

  • Adolescents are more likely to be open with their friends, discussing such issues      as dating, sexuality, personal experiences and common interests.
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