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 The Spirit of Mediumship 

While going through the books on the ‘Spiritual’ marked shelf of a well-known book store, I came across ‘The Last MarathonA journey into the world of the paranormal’; a book written and published by a Mumbai- based author Ruzbeh Nari Bharucha. It spoke openly and with simplicity about the concept of channeling or mediumship- a hush-hush subject till now.

What is Mediumship?

This is to introduce the spiritually inquisitive mortals to what Channeling or Mediumship is. "Channeling is like being the pipe, which connects the water to the tap,"; "It is the 'taking over' of one, by another where- 'one' may be a body and the 'another' may or may not have inhabited a body once upon a time,"; "It is also referred to as 'possession' -but only in some specific cases,"; "Channeling or Mediumship involves communication based on telepathic or spirit to body, spirit to spirit or body to spirit or even certain cases even (spirit of) body to (spirit of) body contact".

Shamak Daver's Views

Shiamak DavarHost a the Olympics...Nahh..!! Rather, host a ghost !! That's what’s in… even Shamak Daver’s into it… or say it is into him!! In a recent interview for a magazine Shamak Daver said that he believed in UFO's, I quote, "When I was very young, I saw two beautiful lights in the sky that appeared and disappeared silently. Luckily, my aunt also saw it. So people didn't call me crazy. After that I've been seeing UFO's from time to time. I totally believe in life-after death. I go to this family called The Bhavnagari's, a Parsee couple whose two children died in in a car crash. It left them inconsolable. One day their children's spirits came and consoled them. Since then they regularly communicate. Sixteen years ago they taught me 'Automatic Writing'. There It is not sorcery or black magic. It is a science which very few understand. You could call it a spiritual science. It involves patience and love."

The 'HOW' and 'WHO' of Mediumship

Mehru Gandhi- Mumbai's Senior-Most Medium

To find out what it means to be a medium, we at Indias-Best spoke to Mehru Gandhi, Roxan and Ruzbeh Bharucha who are all into Mediumship and healing through it. In a business-oriented metropolitan city like Mumbai, one doesn’t tend to get branded as a witch or a sorcerer; infact you can make money out of mediumship. But Mehru Gandhi warns saying , No, that is not done! A medium cannot function unless his 'Chula' is burning’. Mehru Gandhi happens to be one of the senior-most mediums of Mumbai. She says that Some mediums work with a ‘Planchette’- where the spirit communicates by spelling out the alphabets on the Planchette Board, then there is ‘Auto Writing’- where the spirit writes through the medium’s hand, which is holding a pen; ‘Transmediumship’ is also practiced where the spirit speaks through the Medium—in certain cases the voice of the Medium is also known to change. Some of these are Clairvoyant (who see the guides) and some Clairaudient (who can hear them).

Ruzbeh Bharucha - Healer and Trans-MediumParticipants at the Workshop

Mehru Gandhi falls into all the categories, whereas Ruzbeh Bharucha is ahealer and a trans-medium of Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi; Meher Baba and Makhdum Shah also speak through him. Ruzbeh Bharucha is of the opinion that all the great scriptures of the world are written through Autowriting. “Come to think of it—the Avesta, Bible, Kuran—would the human-mind be able to conceive of such profound ideas? Valmiki the dacoit, after initiation must have evolved highly as a Medium to be able to write the Ramayana.” So, generally speaking “Mediums are normal human beings with an ability to get switched off temporarily and allow themselves to be used as channels. Now this does not make them morally or spiritually superior to the common man nor does it make them seers, or some kind of Gurus". He adds that "Jesus was a medium. He was an extraordinary medium because he brought forth the thought vibration of the Creator. Thus he could be called as the actual thought of the Creator and thus is known as the Christ Consciousness".

Roxan- Healer Medium

Roxan was devastated when she lost her husband, she approached Mehru Gandhi for healing and now heals others through crystals. Minerals or crystal healing was something she was never aware of earlier, but now she heals through it, through the guidance of her guides. She calls herself an 'Instrument' and is of the opinion that, 'pondering on the past is an exercise in futility' ; her funda is to work from one 'now' to another 'now'. "Minerals act as catalysts-by giving their energy to the patient - to enhance the healing power of the patient. Minerals work on the principle that 'All is energy and every thing vibrates at a frequency'. After attunement, the mineral is thanked for being there, cleansed and directed to respond to the vibrational frequencies of the patient. The patient may not always feel it's vibrations, but the mental attitude has to be open to healing, which is the responsibility of the patient." Roxan also feels that minerals are a gift from Mother Earth and cause no harm to anyone. All it may do, is increase the rate at which you are evolving or your Karma quotient- which is rate at which you are supposed to complete your cycle of Karma-thus either you suffer in excess or gain in excess.

The 'WHY' of Mediumship -

The Spirituality Workshop LogoPeople in deep grief approach mediums to communicate with their dear departed, just to know if they are fine and get some kind of consonance.The spiritual-guides are known to heal them through emotional and spiritual counseling. After talking to their dear ones, they feel relieved and happy. Most of the spirits give the reason of death as "my time was up" and they answer the questions raised by their near and dear ones. People generally are under the misconception that after death a person becomes an 'all-knower' ; as if a demi-semi God. Says Mehru Gandhi that it is not so. "We only take our mind from here."

The 'BEWARE' Section

In a frivolous society like ours where people confuse clairvoyance with healing and astrologers with is possible that mediums can be genuine or otherwise. "It becomes very difficult when the subconscious self takes over and starts speaking instead of the spirit guide. To be a medium is a job of great responsibility, since people with questions that may make or mar their personal or professional lives. It is not to be indulged in coffee-table talk". says Ruzbeh Bharucha. Some mediums may stop using their judgement, discretion decisive powers and even their common sense! That is only if they become totally dependent on it. One has to become like a flute where the music of the masters comes across. There is place either for the 'I' or the 'Spirit'. If there is more of the I-ness then distortion takes place. The best of mediumship takes place when there is no 'I' and only the 'Spirit' reigns. One is not supposed to attach oneself to the results. 'Detachment' is the key word.

What 'YOU' Can Do

Mediums are people whose psychic faculties are more developed than the rest of the people. They are not special people the only difference is that their psychic faculties are highly developed and thus they can attract earth bound souls as well as highly spiritual souls, even those of Saints. There are no classes to train mediums; it happens if it has to; if your time is right. A medium has to develop his psychic faculty and practice certain values of life. Anyone can become a medium but instruction is necessary as far as protecting yourself is concerned. 'Discipline' says Mehru Gandhi is of utmost importance. "Whatever you do the rules of the game, can never be ignored, since it's like playing with fire; if you do not do it in the right manner then you will have to suffer".

Mehru Gandhi conducting her workshopMehru Gandhi is of the opinion that since we are approaching the fifth dimension the vibrations of the earth may become extremely high and there may be drastic changes on this planet. We want to prepare the people for them. Teaching them the techniques for increasing their vibrational levels and walk on the path of righteousness and spiritualism organizes workshops and so does Ruzbeh Bharucha. The workshops deal with an individuals' psychic development and are not mediumship classes.

A recommended list of authors and titles for our readers to know more on the subject:

Books written by the famous Hollywood Star -Shirley Mclaine, Edgar Caycee, the book 'Cerlestial Prophecy' by James Red Field, Paulo Coelho's 'The Alchemist', Brian Weiss's 'Many Lives Many Masters', 'Sounds Of Silence' by Maan Umrigar.

By: Kamakshi Vyas

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