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Pet Talk

Your pet's health depends on the type of food you provide. The quantity of food to be given depends upon age, weight, breed, clim

ate, etc., according to veterinary doctor K. Jagannath. "It is not necessary to give non-vegetarian food to dogs
, vegetarian food is as wholesome as non-veg foods". "

Outdoor dogs need more of proteins and carbohydrates than indoor dogs. It is not advisable to specify any universal food type for pets. Food intake differs from one dog to another. Do not give spicy or fried things to your pets. Dogs should be given papaya which is very good for their digestive system. Sweet food should be avoided as it will give rise to worms in their stomach. In the event of illness, sugar drips can be given," he added.

Protein foods: Meat, groundnuts, maize, legumes, dal, beans, soybeans, etc.

Carbohydrates: All plant foods, oats, barley, cooked potatoes, carrots, etc.

Fat: Wheat germ, corn oil, etc. Fiber: Vegetables and fruits.

Vitamins: Main sources are rice bran, wheat, peas, beans, peanut, butter.

Water intake: A dog's body consists of 56% of water. This water can be given in its natural form or along with food.

Therefore, while planning for your pet's diet, take care of all the above and make sure your pet gets a balanced diet.

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