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Jaipur a city of vibraint life, hosts some of India's most spectacular fairs and festivals. The city displays an extraordinary talent in various arts like making jewellery, block printing and puppets.
Ghoomar Dance
This is a community dance for women and performed on auspicious occasions
Gair Ghoomar
This is one of the many dance-forms of the Bhil tribals
Desert festival
Rajasthan's rich culture on display
Camel's day out
The Camel Festival
Teej is the festival that marks the advent of the monsoon in the month of Shravan
A festival dedicated to goddess Gawa (Parvati)
Elephant Festival
This festival is celebrated on the day of Holi, the Indian festival of colors
List of Festivals in Rajasthan




Puppetry is an ancient and popular form of folk entertainment
Carpets and Durries
The carpets and durries of Jaipur are known for their high quality of craftmanship
Block Printing

Tribal Jewllery
What's where
Festivals of Rajasthan
Festivals of Jaipur
. The Desert Festival
. Camel's day out
. Teej
. Gangaur
. Elephant Festival
. Kundan
. Minakari
. Tribal Jewllery
Art and culture
. Katputlis
. Carpets and Durries
. Block Printing
Dances of Rajasthan
. Ghoomar Dance
. Gair Ghoomar
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