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Everything will be digital…
In the digital world there are no movies or music or magazines but just 1s & 0s termed as bits
• Siemens SL45
Siemens SL45 sets a new benchmark in Internet-capable phones. It comes with an excellent manual which allows any user to work out how to get the most from this device
• Samsung pips Nokia as world's largest handset vendor
world’s largest handset vendor between 1998 and 2011, Nokia has finally given up its top position to rival Samsung this quarter.
Business Etiquette
Building business relationships often involve having a meal with a customer, client or vendor and as a business owner one may find entertaining one of the above or being one of them
Work at Home
Imagine not having to commute to an office or work place anymore. Imagine working from home for the rest of your life.

Siemens SL45
Business Etiquette
Work at Home
The future of technology
Everything will be digital…