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Jantar Mantar

Jagat Shrimoni Temple was constructed by Shri Kankawatiji, Maharani of Maharaja Man Singh I, in the commemoration of her beloved son Maharaja Kumar Jagat Singhji in 1601. Her son died in the year 6th Oct.1599, while his father was busy in accumulation the political magistracy of the Mughal emperor Akbar in Eastern India.

The Temple houses the idol of Lord Krishna and is famous with the celebrated saint-poetess Mira Bai. The old temple of Narsinghji and a step well Panna Mian ki Baodi, which still bears witness to its past glory.

The temple is a perfect example of northern Indian (Nagar) style architecture. It has a porch, assembly hall and the sanctum with a very high shikhar. The outer walls of Jagat Shiromani are adorned with the sculptures of different gods and goddess. An enticing murals in the ceiling of its assembly hall are religious in character and represent the 17th Century art of Amber.

Source: Wikipedia

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