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  Jaipurbest -> Top 10 Shopping Destination

#1 Johari Bazaar

Johari BazaarJewellery, precious & semi-precious stones and gems.
The name itself means Jewelers market. This market is major center for jewelry designed with precious, semi-precious and traditionally cut gems. This market glitters with the beauty of necklaces, pendants, ear rings, nose rings, bangles and other items of gold studded with semi-precious and precious stones like diamond, rubies, pearls and emeralds. Another very attractive and unique feature of this market is the Kundan Jewelry, making this type of jewelry requires experience and skill of highest quality and Jaipur is famous for such type of jewelry. Rough and rugged stones are shaped and polished and artistically placed in a gold or silver ornament to captivate the heart of shoppers. The other famous markets for gems and jewelry are Manak Chawk and Chandi ki Taksal.

Johari Bazaar is also famous for its sarees, a typical Indian dress for women, these sarees carry mesmerizing designs on a silk or cotton fabric which are comfortable to wear in a hot climate and also very beautiful and colorful to add up to the beauty of a woman. Sarees with golden thread work are famous all over the world, such work is also done on typical Rajasthani dress Lehenga and Chunari. Such is the attraction of these dresses that Bollywood costume designers come to this market to get dresses designed for their actresses in the film.


#2 Kishanpol Bazaar

Kishanpol Bazaar Textiles & Wooden Furniture.
A parallel road to Baba Harish Chandra Marg and Chaura Rasta. Tourists and travelers ensure a visit to Kishanpol Bazaar which is famous cloth market in Jaipur for its famous textiles and wooden furniture. Here you can go for clothes shopping in jaipur at reasonable rate. Bandhani textile found here are famous throughout the country. Do your Bandhani Jaipur shopping here. Bandhani or tie and dye art is practiced widely in Jaipur, giving birth to their colorful clothes. The popular Bandhani patterns of Ekdali - the design of small circles and squares, lahariya - the diagonal strips, shakari - the human and animal figures and mothda - the chequered design are all found in Kishanpol Bazaar Jaipur. Kishanpol jaipur market is closed on Sundays.


#3 Tripolia Bazaar

Tripolia Bazaar
Ironware, Brassware and Carpets
If you are looking for utensils of stainless steel or other latest metals artistically designed and molded in old patterns and styles than Tripolia bazaar is the best place to be. This market is famous for utensils, rigs, trinkets and range of other items since the times of Sawai Maharaja Ram Singh II. This market is also famous for Durries, a cheap substitute for carpets usually good for daily and rough use. This market holds attractive pieces of metal work that reminds one of ancient art and culture, the quality is good and latest methods are used like utensils made of copper base with stainless steel body.
Tripolia Bazaar is situated between the Manak Chowk and Chhoti Chaupar. The bazaar is famous for ironware, brassware and carpets.

#4 Rajasthali

Rajasthan’s art and craft Handicrafts Emporium.
This emporium is situated near Ajmeri Gate and is Rajasthan Government Emporium. This emporium offers variety of commodities almost all for which Jaipur or Rajasthan is famous. It has huge collection and is a fixed price shop. Handicrafts, blue pottery, carpets, semi-precious and precious stones, stones studded Gold and Silver Jewelry, terracotta, marble ware, paintings and many more. Handicrafts are extremely attractive giving glimpse of exquisite beauty of Rajasthans art and craft fostered by craftsmen since generations.

#5 Sanganer

SanganerFamous for handmade paper and handmade textile.
The town of Sanganer is 16 Km away from Jaipur on Jaipur-Tonk Highway and has been famous for handmade paper and handmade textile by using block prints and screen printers. Sanganer’s handmade textile has been famous and earned itself a unique name of ‘Sanganeri Print’, these prints are attractive due to their lovely patterns and mostly done with bright colors and on white background. Handmade paper industry of Sanganer is very old and today it’s the largest center in Northern India. Blue pottery is another attraction of this town, this old style of making Blue vases is still alive in its pristine beauty in Sanganer. Blue Tiles have been latest addition to this ancient artistic heritage this town has fostered for generations.

#6 Maniharon Ka Rasta

Maniharon Ka RastaFamous for Artistic Lac Bangles.
This market is another market which beholds and has kept an old art alive and thriving of Jaipur of making Lac Bangles. These bangles are objects of rare beauty skillfully crafted and designed in bright colors and suit with every style of dressing, Indian or western. The bangles are carefully and artistically studded with stones ranging from cheap to precious stones. Lac bangles are famous since old times and are still in demand, tourist and locals come to this market with great enthusiasm to purchase these bangles.

#7 Ramganj Bazaar

Ramganj Bazaar Known for Mojaris - handmade embroidered shoes.

You have been to Levis, Adidas or Woodland showroom but one thing they cannot offer you at any price which Ramganj Bazaar can, these are handmade shoes of India made up with leather, wood and thread, exquisitely designed in colors like pink, magenta, light blue, dark red and orange. These types of shoes are famous as Mojaris and were worn by Kings and Queens. These shoes are best suited with traditional dresses like Saree or Ghagra Choli and they are for formal wears. The base of the shoe is made up of leather and wood and upper part with cloth and colorful beads, mirrors and colored stones woven with thread to give it a majestic look. It is an ethnic art but shows the aesthetic sense of shoe makers preserving the old art as a divine gift. At Ramganj Bazaar one can find all the variety of Mojaris and handmade shoes for daily use, handmade shoes have upper part made up of cloth or rough leather which makes it durable and ready to be worn daily.

#8 Bapu Bazaar and Nehru Bazaar

Bapu Bazaar and Nehru BazaarLeatherwares– bags, purses, Mojri shoes.

These are the ultimate destinations for the shoppers. Bapu Bazaar is located within the old city area between the Sanganeri Gate and New Gate. You can also go for shopping at Jaipur Nehru Market on the west of Bapu Bazaar, spreading till the Ajmer Gate, the center of Jaipur. Leather ware is a major trade in Jaipur and the shops provide variety of original leather goods like bags and purses. Bapu Bazaar and Nehru Bazaar, Jaipur are famous for Mojri shoes.

#9 Mirza Ismail Road

Mirza Ismail RoadOld Silver Jewellery, Artifacts, Antiques, Top Restaurants.

The main attractions of Mirza Ismail Road are old silver jewellery and artifacts, antiques, handicraft and apparel, though you will find showrooms of famous brands like Raymonds, Pepe, Woodland, Benetton and others here. Niros, Suryamahal, Mc Donald, Pizza Hut and Copper Chimney are a line up of restaurants standing on this street, catering to you varieties of culinary delights.

#10 Main Market near Hawa Mahal and Badi Choupad

Main marketFamous for Jaipur Quilts.

Jaipur is well-known for its soft and feather-weight quilts with striking colors. The quilts are warm despite their light weight. Jaipur quilts are available in cotton, velvet and other fabrics. Different fabrics, wide range of colors and prints provide choice and exciting shopping experience. Main market for Jaipur quilts is located near Hawa Mahal and Badi Choupad.


#11 Murti Mohalla

Murti Mohalla Marble Statues and Carved Items.

Royal city of Jaipur offers the world-class quality of marble work with intricate carvings. Jaipur is the biggest manufacturing center for marble statues of Hindu and Jain deities. Jaipur also produces Human figurines, animals, exquisite bowls, carved marble vases, carvings and portraits. The entire world has great admiration for marble works of Jaipur.

Murti Mohalla (situted between Kishanpola and Chandpole) is the main manufacturing center in Jaipur.


#12 Ganpati Plaza

Ganpati PlazaFashionwears, Dress & Accessories.

Ganpati Plaza, Jaipur offers a wide range of clothes and accessories from the colourful bhandhej to latest fashion wear. The major stores here are Rajan's, Mogli's Island, Oasis Cellular, which are famous shops in Jaipur for Jaipuri dresses.


#13 Achrol House

Achrol House Famous for export quality Jaipur carpets.

This place is famous for Carpet and Carpet exporters, if you are looking for export quality Jaipur carpets with ethnic designs and paintings knitted on them for your home this is the place to be. Though this place has gained popularity recently but all the quality and variety is available here. The typical Rajasthani style paintings of flora and fauna, geometrical designs and scenes of battle, festivals and palaces are knitted on the carpets to give ambiance of Rajasthan’s culture and tradition. Good quality Durries are also available in this market which are economical and good for daily use. These Durries are made of different types of fabric to suit weather conditions of different places such as cotton made Durries for hot arid climate like Rajasthan.